qcPy documentation

Welcome! This is the documentation for qcPy.

qcPy is a framework for conveniently handling quantum-chemical calculations and the post-processing of the acquired data.


A list of features, not all implemented yet but aimed at for the first public release (qcpy 0.1):

And to make it even more convenient for users and future-proof:

  • Open source project written in Python (>= 3.5)

  • Extensive user and API documentation


qcPy is currently under active development and still considered in Alpha development state. Therefore, expect frequent changes in features and public APIs that may break your own code. Nevertheless, feedback as well as feature requests are highly welcome.

Where to start

Users new to qcPy should probably start at the beginning, those familiar with its underlying concepts an planning to help in further developing may jump straight to the section explaining how to contribute to the development of qcPy.

The API documentation is the definite source of information for developers, besides having a look at the source code.

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